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Ruth Dwight Consulting helps charities to build sustainable income by developing marketable products, services and programmes. 

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Ruth Dwight Consulting helps charities to build sustainable income by developing marketable products, services and programmes.


Many charities find they need to regularly reinvent their offer to align it with priorities set by funders, even though they know that what they are already doing is effective. By generating their own income, and reducing dependency on fundraising, charities can focus more on the work that they know is vital to their beneficiaries. 

Sustainable Income Generation

Build sustainable sources of income from selling products and services, and add value for your beneficiaries

Strategic Planning

Make realistic plans that will achieve your organisation's mission in collaboration with your stakeholders

Programme Development

Innovate, shape and grow your programmes to increase reach, impact and income potential


Check in on how your governance could be sharpened to improve the effectiveness of your charity. 

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About Ruth

I am passionate about social justice, inspired by the amazing people who work and volunteer in the charity sector, and in no doubt as to how essential charities are to our society. But I'm also frustrated by the unmet potential that the sector has to offer. In a highly competitive funding market, there is so much opportunity for charities to think differently - to generate their own income, to increase their reach and impact, and to have more ownership over what they do. 

I always wanted to work in the charity sector and, other than a brief foray in to the corporate world while living in New Zealand, I have done so. I have worked with charities improving access to justice, health and education - predominantly with young people and their families. 

Using my 20 years’ experience of programme delivery and management, and skills in strategic business development, I now work with teams, leaders, trustees and other stakeholders to create realistic and strategic income generation plans, and develop programmes so that they can have a greater reach and impact. 

I have an MSc in Voluntary Sector Management (including Strategic Fundraising and Marketing) from Cass Business School. 

I'm also a Mum to two girls, and choose to work as a consultant to  spend more time with them, and a bit less time commuting. 

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Get in touch

I'd love to hear from you so please do drop me a line - I'm always  interested to have a chat and see how we can work together. 

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